Scholarships for SRCCON events

Whether you’re a newsroom developer at a small organization with a strained professional development budget or a freelance developer eager to learn more about journalism code and tech, we want to help you attend SRCCON events.

There’s no separate application. Scholarship questions were part of our call for participation form.

What we’re offering

(For scholarship recipients who live in the area, we offer a ticket without the additional travel funding.)

Who should apply

How to apply

A few scholarship-specific questions were on the call for participation form.

When notifications go out

Notifications for scholarships will go out alongside other notifications as part of the call for participation (on December 19 for early bird applications and January 15 for regular applications).

What happens after SRCCON

You tell us how it went! We’ll send you a short followup survey and will be excited to check out anything you write or build coming out of your participation.

Why do you offer these scholarships?

We want to make sure that SRCCON is an event that includes the diversity of the communities we serve—geographically, demographically, experientially, and more. We know that travel costs can be a hardship, and offer this scholarship as a way to help mitigate that.

How do you decide who will receive a scholarship?

OpenNews staff reviews all applications. We prioritize applications from members of communities underrepresented in journalism and technology and from smaller and non-coastal newsrooms.

When will I receive my scholarship?

When we notify scholarship recipients, we’ll include information about how to receive the scholarship funds. In short, you will need to fill out a form and send some tax paperwork for our administrators to process the payment. It may take a month or so for check processing.

What if I need more than $500 for my travel?

We’re able to offer $350-500 scholarships at this time. We do try to schedule SRCCON events in cities that are relatively cheap once you arrive, though, and share information between attendees who want to coordinate ways to save on their travel budget. (So if you, say, wanted to create a room-share spreadsheet, we’d be happy to help spread the word!) You can email us with any suggestions.

Questions not covered here?

Email us.