Attendee guide

Collaboration is at the core of every SRCCON event. As an attendee, you’re here to explore questions, share skills, and help build this community.

For information on venue, hotel, transit, and more, see our conference logistics page.

About this event

SRCCON:PRODUCT might feel different than many conferences you’ve been to. It’s a hybrid event, with scheduled sessions on the agenda as well as space to add new topics together as a group. It’s intentionally small, making it easy to connect with other people. Most sessions will be hands-on and conversational, not focused on presentations. Events like this work well because we all get to learn from each other and share what we know.

Participation tips!

SRCCON events are highly participatory and inclusive, with programs built around listening and sharing. None of us knows everything, but together we know a lot. Prior SRCCON participants shared tips of their own on our attendee info sharing document, which also includes an in-progress list of attendees.

Here are a few principles that can help you make the most of this event:

About the audience

SRCCON:PRODUCT will gather about 150 people working at the intersection of product and journalism. Some will be part of product teams as managers or developers. Others are bringing those strategies to newsrooms that don’t have “product” in a role or title yet. As a group we’ll represent a huge variety of backgrounds and experiences to learn from, united by wanting to better understand how organizing around product can shift the way news organizations operate.

Our schedule will have four to five sessions at a time, so most of the time you’ll be in workshops with 20-30 people. Every session size has its own strengths. Smaller discussions can be especially productive because you can go in-depth or dig into personal examples, and larger groups can give people access to a wider range of perspectives.

About the space & session rooms

SRCCON:PRODUCT takes place in the Student Center at Temple University, 1755 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia.

Each session room will have post-it notes, pens, scratch paper, and other tools for creative discussions and problem-solving.

About the schedule

We’ll have four 1-hour session blocks throughout the day with four to five sessions running at a time. Some sessions will be pre-scheduled, and others we’ll add to the agenda that morning as a group.